I'm currently an Executive Fellow and Strategic Advisor with the San José Public Library in partnership with FUSE Corps. My project is focused on expanding learning opportunities so that an increased number of students have access to high-quality, after-school and summer programs to bolster academic achievement.

Throughout this project I serve as an advisor to the Public Library leadership team, collaborating to help drive the organization's vision, strategy, and cultural development of the City’s Education and Digital Literacy framework.

I directly manage, coach, and develop unit team members to achieve desired results in quality and continuous improvement as it relates to expanded learning, pilot and prototyping, quality standards, KPIs, OKRs, and implementation.

I manage and support each team member toward achieving their program-specific goals using the agile and sprint methods for program and project management

I imbed reflective practice within team management to better enable team structures, trust, and processes: Establish clear processes for managing relationships and information across projects and for collaborating with all stakeholders and deadlines.